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The Hot Potato: The Road To Transformation

Follow the journey of #thehotpotato, cooling the heat on the asylum seeker debate with facts not fiction.

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The Cheltenham Girls High School Prefects 2011/12 presents

The Concord Project – One Voice


April 19, 2013

Our moderator, speaks to SBS Radio about recent boat tragedy.


Australia helping Pakistan stop Hazara asylum seekers from leaving: report


Green Left TV brings you the words of a refugee, imprisoned by the Australian government on Nauru who is calling for freedom.

He explains about the hunger strike on Nauru and the conditions that the refugees face.

He also explains clearly that the Salvation Army restricted internet access to the refugees in response to their protest


Here is the YouTube version of the interview of the asylum seeker detained in Nauru.

An Asylum seeker detained in Nauru speaks to ABC Radio Australia’s presenter Laetitia Lemke about their dire and rigorous situation and commencement of hunger strike at the centre out of utmost trauma, despair and uncertainty of their fate.

Source: ABC Radio Australia


This video post is a humble effort in highlighting the miseries of Hazara asylum seekers and the reasons why they mournfully turn their back towards their very own ancestral land and abandon their families.


‘Freedom or Death’ (Documentary )revealing insides of one of the notorious chapter of Australia’s human rights history.

It is the inspiring story of Chaman Shah Nasiri, a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan, who acted as a representative for the detainees in Nauru. When claims for asylum were rejected following prolonged and indefinite incarceration, a group of detainees began a hunger strike in a final act of desperation. Their official statement was “freedom or death.”


7 responses to “Video Section

  1. fearlessfreddy

    tell journalists

  2. subtain muhammadi

    it is having the truth that we r not save in this country

  3. …and thanks to Julia Gillard our cause to help the Hazara people has gone backwards at least 15 years. We, like our Hazara friends, are clutching at straws, in an effort to find an answer to this dreadul set of circumstances. The solution?
    At this stage there doesn’t appear to be one. There are still good people fighting for the rights of asylum seekers, for example, those people who, present this video. Also many other supporters who don’t speak publicly as they often fear members of their own community. There are many. Those who evidently are supporters of the cruel claim that we should not accept people who are suffering in their own countries into our society. In this video you hear words like “disgraceful”, “shame”, “hunger strike”, “freedom or death” and many other words which to the outsider may appear alarmist and emotive. The truth is that the words used are understatements. Now Tony Abbott is talking about how Temporary Protection Visas will be reintroduced. How disgusting, inhumane, cruel, selfish, are these politicians. If they lean any more to the right they will join a very influential group which included Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin. I never thought I would draw this comparison, but one has to say there are some striking similarities with their actions and the action of those who now run our countries. Both major parties! We are in trouble.

    • benjamin graham

      pol pot and stalin are not right wing. They are communists. Pol pot headed the Khmer Rouge. Even Hitler was a communist. He was a National SOCIALIST. the Volkswagon was built and funded by the government to provide cheap cars for the german people

  4. ruqia jafari

    please it is a desperate plea i am an afghani girl my cousin was arrested on 25 sep2012 and after that there is no news of him his name is abbas could any body help me find him as his mother is almost finished of this news.

  5. Thanks you Benjamin. It is like “Doh. I didn’t know those things.”
    If youwant toargue about it. Consider this. Hitler loathed the communists. Communists and Socialists are NOT the same. How much further could Pol Pot lean to the right. I doubt it.. Stalin was ostensibly a communist..

  6. Ruqia Jafari
    Your post is of great concern to me. Please contact me on Facebook.
    Carolyn D.

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