About H.A.S

***Dear readers, this blog has been temporarily closed. Emails sent to address below will not be responded. We thank you for following and reading us, we will inform you when we are back. Warm regards, Team HAS***

Hazara Asylum Seekers is a news blog which aims to provide updates regarding Hazara asylum seekers around the globe in general and about those en-route to Australia in particular.

Since we depend on other internet websites for updates, so your help and contribution will be appreciated.

Email: asylumseekershazara@gmail.com


37 responses to “About H.A.S

  1. King Hazara

    really good work!
    keep it up biradars!

  2. Ghulam husain

    Very nice and sharing inforwation thanks dear

  3. fareha

    nice work and thanks

  4. Carolyn Dominish

    Sorry – I was interrupted. The asylum seekers who are wishing to become homestays with Australian families should be placed on an ongoing basis starting June. Many people have signed up to accept them. It makes me so happy that not all Australians are redneck xenophobes, as they appear to be if you read newspapers. My Hazara homestay will have his own bedroom, his own bathroom and separate toilet, and free run of the house, except for my bedroom.

    • Dear Carolyn Dominish,

      Our team offers you our earnest gratitude for your humane attitude towards asylum seekers. It makes us and all other asylum seekers feel the importance of life – for a while at least.

      Thanks very much.

      With respect,

      Team HAS

      • Carolyn Dominish

        My pleasure. I only regret that my country has not given asylum seekers the respect and refuge they deserve. This initiative by the Australian government indicates a much more humane attitude, and I am so happy about it. Good Luck to all who are forced to leave their homes and families….

      • benjamin graham

        carolyn, you must be one of the four in the whole of australia’s 20 million population that is prepared to take refugees. Clearly they are not wanted

  5. shenny_acha

    so helpfull website,.

  6. Mohammad shah

    thank you so much dears!!
    you are really helping the family of refugees by informing arriving of their family members

  7. subtain mohammadi

    very good website GOD BLESS you all

  8. god bless you very good work

  9. Sid

    julia gilard and tonny abbott are requested to increase the asylum seekers in take and help them give them relief in hard time.

  10. Zaki

    Julia Gilard and UNHCR both are requested to mercy on our peoples who are deserving or Registration himself as Refugee or split family for your country consider them not in long time …………….thnx Julia and UNHCR

  11. Imran

    Hi salam
    congratulation you are doing such a tremendus job for people thay are in trouble informatically.
    Welldone and keep it up.
    I have some questions which i will send through
    Thanks dear.

  12. Imran

    Hi salam
    congratulation you are doing such a tremendus job for people thay are in trouble informatically.
    Welldone and keep it up.
    I have some questions which i will send soon via E-male.
    Thanks dear.

  13. mariam

    hi, i was just wondering where i could contibute in defending the assylum seekers in nauru, and where the media could acutally see what is going on, thank you

  14. It is very nice website. and i’m glade that you people are working hard while posting up to date news about Hazara Asylum Seeker. I hope you all will keep your hard work. thanks

  15. Abbas Ali

    Very good website…Well done

  16. Enayat

    God bless you my friend

  17. liaquat Ali

    its really helpful for all of the asylum seeker,s family!

  18. shazar gul s/o haidar khan fram afghanistan

    my broader Name shazar gul. s/o Haidar khan I don no wear hi

  19. zakir Hazara

    Sallam khub asten bubakshin shumu metanin awaz az mu ra da UNHCR jakarta Indonesia berasain .HAZARA asslyam seekers da jail (detansion)kalideres Jakarta beshter az 7 mah band astem wa az tarafe UNHCR Dr tule in 7 mah ki register shudem da jahae dega bachaha interveu shudn wa hata ki refugee Shan am amada ki ba ma ek jai register shuda budn wa AMA ma hanuz h chi h khabr ham nesta hr Tuesdays nd Fridays call muni lekin una mugan ki mu masruf aste hata ek javab saye am na medan plz aga metanin kumak kanin mu ra awaz mu ra da UNHCR berasanin.

  20. S. Ali

    Very nice and sharing inforwation thanks dear

    Hazara Asylum Seeker from Yongah Hill Perth

  21. sher ali changezi

    nice page and keep it up

  22. Zeeshan Ali

    Really, appreciated. Allah Bless all of you.

  23. Atena

    THANK YOU xoxoxo

  24. Sisyphus Uphill

    Carolyn, rather than a long convoluted statement about the plight of the Hazaras (as well as the Tajiks and Uzbecks) in their stand to survive the Taliban dominance, let me just say this: there are people on this planet who embody Karma – you are one of them!

  25. and you, dear Sisyphus, are one of the most enlightened chaps I know. .

    Thanks for commenting on these pages. I think you know how much that means to me.

  26. Benjamin – Clearly (God I hate that word, so pedantic and politician-like) there are many many others who support asylum seekers. One in four is a pathetic guess.

  27. kashif shiney

    Salam dear ,very nice and sharing informastion . keep it up ……? GOD gives happy life ,take Care

  28. My family sponsored a refugee family and now they own successful businesses in Australia !

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  30. leyla

    Please send me notifications about news from immigration for the asylum seekers those one have arrived after 13th August.

    Kind regards

  31. Changezi

    Dear team members,

    Being an Hazara I sent an article on the email address privided above but till date that article hasn’t been appeared in this website.

    Just want to know what was wrong with that article that wasn’t shown in this website.


  32. shereen K

    We, a group of Hazara sympathisers in Sydney, are trying to get in touch with Sardar Hussein to offer help.

    Can anyone put us in touch with him or someone overseeing him?

    thank you,

  33. Judy Fiket

    I have two sofas that I would like to donate. They are in Black Rock
    Vic. And need to be picked up. Pls call me on 0409 423383 to arrange time.
    All communication is to be by telephone as no internet access is available at present time

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