Hunger striking asylum seeker in Darwin centre instructs that he not be revived

December 19, 2014 | ABC News

An asylum seeker in the 48th day of a hunger strike in a Darwin detention centre gives written instruction that he not be revived if he loses consciousness.

The 33-year-old Iranian detainee at Wickham Point detention centre has not eaten since November 1 because he was denied refugee status.

His lawyer John Lawrence says his client has lost more than 25 kilograms and is rapidly deteriorating.

“He had particularly blood shot eyes, he was weaker,” he said.

“His limited English was abandoned and he used an interpreter.

“He was complaining of aches in his joints and limbs.”

Doctors must seek Immigration permission to force feed

The asylum seeker’s refusal to be revived poses a dilemma for doctors, who legally need a directive from the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office to force feed him.

“If something happened, doctors would wait to hear from the Immigration Department, which of course is problematic on weekends and public holidays, with no-one at Immigration to give directive,” Dr Parker said.

A spokesperson for the Minister for Immigration and Border Security Scott Morrison said it would be inappropriate to comment for privacy reasons.

The President of the Australian Medical Association NT Rob Parker said the symptoms were concerning.

“Well, the fact is if he’s unable to speak [and] he’s getting weakness, that probably indicates a certain degree of organ failure,” he said.

“It probably indicates his brain is not getting the blood sugar and nutrients to function effectively.”

The detainee wrote a note to his lawyer, signed with his name and the number of the boat on which he came, refusing treatment.

“I do not want to break my hunger strike. I do not want to be resuscitated,” he wrote.

“Please resist any attempts to medically treat me should I fall unconscious, or should my wish to refuse treatment be overridden.”



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One response to “Hunger striking asylum seeker in Darwin centre instructs that he not be revived

  1. endimmigrationdetention

    He has nothing to live for. Being locked up in those horrible places is worse than death. It’s like being burried alive, and force feed is torture.

    They should just let him go. He shouldn’t have been locked up in the first place. Innocent people shouldnt be locked up. It’s what leads them to hunger strike, self harm, and suicide. I think detention is a kind of torture. Why else would someone go on a hunger strike for so long unless he’s completely desperate and suffering beyond words?

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