Australia to look into Afghan attacks

October 09, 2014 | SBS News

Scott Morrison says inquiries will be made into attacks on two Afghan Hazaras with links to Australia.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says his department will investigate allegations that two Afghan Hazaras with links to Australia have been attacked by Taliban fighters.

However, it appears he is unlikely to stop the deportation of seven other asylum seekers to the troubled country.

Refugee groups have raised concerns about the forced return of the Hazaras in the wake of the attacks, including the murder of dual Australian-Afghan citizen Sayed Habib Musawi.

Musawi was pulled off a bus while travelling from Ghazni province to Kabul, before being tortured and shot by the Taliban.

Another man, Zainullah Naseri, was reportedly tortured by the Taliban just weeks after being deported from Australia.

“Of course I would follow this up by ensuring appropriate inquiries are being made, and that’s what I have done,” Mr Morrison told reporters in Sydney.

“I’ll see where that course takes us.”

But Mr Morrison indicated the violence in Afghanistan was unlikely to prevent the deportation of the seven Hazara men.

“People who are returned in these circumstances are found not to be refugees and not owed a protection by the Australian government,” he said.



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