Residency for asylum seekers mooted under expected deal between Clive Palmer and Scott Morrison

September 24, 2014 | the age

A deal between Clive Palmer and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to allow temporary protection visas through the Senate is imminent, and could allow asylum seekers to apply for permanent residency.

Fairfax Media understands the leader of the Palmer United Party has asked that asylum seekers who are given temporary protection visas be allowed to apply for permanent residency and all families are to be removed from Christmas Island, in return for his support of the controversial visas.

Mr Morrison has been in active negotiations with the crossbench to get through the temporary protection visas, which have been voted down twice in the Senate.

Clive Palmer.Clive Palmer. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

If the government does offer permanent residency to people who are on TPVs, it will probably be contingent on specific working conditions covering employment and even where they locate. This would still represent a dramatic departure from the government’s hardline policy.

Only two weeks ago, Mr Morrison said the government “would not consider” offering permanent visas to the 30,000 caseload of asylum seekers who arrived under Labor.

“The idea that they could come onshore, and give them permanent visas, would be a terrible violation of the border protection regime that we have, and it is not something that the government will consider at all,” Mr Morrison said in an address at the National Press Club.

Yet at the same speech, he announced a policy change for asylum seekers who arrived after July 19 last year and before January 2014, saying he would consider offering them temporary protection visas if the Senate passed the visas.

Until then, Mr Morrison has maintained all asylum seekers who arrived after July 19 would be sent to offshore processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island.

A spokesman for Mr Morrison would not confirm if the deal was imminent, saying negotiations with Mr Palmer were “ongoing”.




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2 responses to “Residency for asylum seekers mooted under expected deal between Clive Palmer and Scott Morrison

  1. endimmigrationdetention

    those ‘offshore processing centers sound like prisons and no place for innocent people, especially children. why are thirty thousand refugees such a big deal in huge Australia? they’re way below one percent of the population, and there’s plenty of space. i dont see the big deal. and locking them up in horrible conditions and sometimes sending them back to horrible places is a violation of human rights.
    those visas sound like an absolutely wonderful idea. hope it’ll work. it’s probably the result of people calling to end detention, such as blogs like this one. thumbs up.

  2. Hermes

    Now that the interminable arrival of illegal boats have stopped, the Abbott LNP government can now turn its collective mind to the 30,000 + illegal entrants left over running around on bridging visa FGS! from the grossly irresponsible, inept, and incompetent Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor government/s who were responsible for opening our borders to criminal people smugglers peddling passage to mostly uneducated, impoverished people with virtually no work ethic, but an over-sized sense of entitlement, who have since become a drain on our nation’s economy, with zero benefit to the taxpayers who funded the multi billion $$$ cost per year – with not even a thank you in the majority of cases, but much whingeing, whining and entrenched victimhood that continues to this day. If people don;t want to end up in detention – they should not attempt to enter a country illegally – and without passport or documents of identity! This may be a large country – however, the population is approximately 23 million, of which less than 50% contribute, ie – work and pay taxes! But, here you are somehow suggesting that we should take even more non contributors in, out of a sense of what, on your part? self loathing, moral superiority?? Do you even work, pay taxes, contribute in any way??? Never in our country’s history have so few caused so many problems within our society than those who’ve arrived illegally and uninvited, but with an almighty expectation that they have an inalienable right to dictate to us what their rights and entitlements (Centrelink!) are!! If you’re feeling so generous, why don’t you personally offer your home, assets and financial resources to an asylum seeking family in support of their cause?? No?? Thought not!
    “The only problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher
    In other words, put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is – and leave the rest of us out of your socialist pipe dream.

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