Federal Court rules to prevent deportation of Iraqi asylum seeker

December 24, 2013

The Federal Court has made a ruling preventing the deportation of an asylum seeker.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison ordered the man be sent back to Iraq after he was refused a protection visa and missed the deadline to appeal.

The man was supposed to leave for Baghdad last week, but lawyers sought a Federal Court injunction stalling the move.

The Federal Court today ruled he should stay in Australia while the case is reconsidered amid new evidence his appeal paperwork was botched by an alleged con man.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-24/federal-court-halts-asylum-seekers-deportation/5174098



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2 responses to “Federal Court rules to prevent deportation of Iraqi asylum seeker

  1. Iraq is one of the most danger country in the world for the civilians to live in.I see every days at news channel in BBC and CNN where hundreds of peoples are killings.There is no any safety and security of life and liberty. The Civil war has affected every parts of the country.

    If an Iraqi citizen does not receive protection in such a difficult Situation, then federal australian government should not need to stay as a signatury State of Geneva Refugium Convention 1951.These Refugees from Iraq ,Afghanistan , Syria and Somila most be protected irrespective of wether they are politically active or not.These People needs subsidery protection.The federal Australian immigration authorities most issue residency permit in humanitarian ground.

    It is not only the Problem of mr.Hazara.There are other hundreds of similar cases which the federal court most upholds the earlier decision and allow them to begain new life in Austealia.

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