Three asylum boats arrived in Australia in past week

November 17, 2013


General Campbell says three asylum seeker boats arrived in Australia in the past week, carrying a total of 163 asylum seekers and eight crew.

Two boats arrived at Christmas Island, one on Sunday and one on Monday.

General Campbell also confirmed a boat arrived in Darwin on Monday.


Mr Morrison refused to answer questions in Parliament this week about the boat that arrived in Darwin, saying he did not want to “undermine” the operation.

General Campbell says 97 people were transferred offshore in the past week, 67 to Manus Island and 30 to Nauru.

He says 31 people voluntarily returned to Iran and Iraq during the period.

General Campbell says Indonesia, supported by Australian authorities, arrested three “facilitators” and disrupted two “potential ventures,” in the past week.

He says Malaysia, supported in a similar fashion by Australia, disrupted two “additional potential ventures”.




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2 responses to “Three asylum boats arrived in Australia in past week

  1. pete samuels

    There is never an excuse for lack of government transparency. Transparency is the heart of democracy – the moment we relax this as a standard then we are in danger of the government hiding more of their activities from us.

    You can support asylum seekers by playing the Citizenship Board & App Game to test your chances of gaining citizenship in your own country, and raise awareness of the rights of asylum seekers at the same time. All profits go to agencies helping asylum seekers gaining refugee status.

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