Canberra shifts asylum seekers from Nauru to repeat process

October 30, 2013

The Refugee Action Coalition says Australia has flown 68 asylum seekers from Nauru to Australia, taking the total transferred from the island to Australia in the past nine days to about 250.

The latest arrivals at the Curtin detention camp in Western Australia included 19 Sri Lankans and 49 of other nationalities.

The Coalition says all of these asylum seekers had finalised their refugee interviews on Nauru – but none has been given a decision, despite the process being completed in some cases eight months ago.

It says the group has been told that regardless of any refugee interviews on Nauru, determinations of their status will be restarted in Australia.

The Coalition’s Ian Rintoul says it would be hard to find a more graphic example of administrative abuse, given that the asylum seekers had kept on Nauru for over a year with Australia insisting the Nauru government was making the refugee determinations.

Meanwhile, the newspaper, The Australian, says just one refugee ruling has been made on Nauru – that of a minor, who has since been moved to Australia.

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3 responses to “Canberra shifts asylum seekers from Nauru to repeat process

  1. robyn

    Surely the UN or someone (or an Australian lawyer?) should do something about this – it’s a terrible abuse of people who are already traumatized. How can Australia be so cruel?

  2. Ivan

    Robyn all I can say is Thank You. I am really surprised at how many people (some I least expected) to have no heart!

  3. we are not safe here at our country…..therefore it is requested to please restart the process of asylum seekers at Australia……thank you

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