Gifts for mums in detention

October 04, 2013

Amy Sharp, with eight-month-old Zara Perri, is making care packages for pregnant women in Darwin detention centres

VOLUNTEERS have come together to make more than 100 care packages for pregnant women in Darwin detention centres.

DASSAN (Darwin Asylum Seekers Support and Advocacy Network) worker Justine Davis said there were about 60 pregnant women, 650 children and “lots” of newborn babies currently in Darwin detention centres.

Organiser Amy Sharp said she was amazed by the number of donations by Top End community members.

“We have received breast pads, soaps, wraps, slings, singlets, pawpaw cream, samples of nappy-rash cream and clothes,” Ms Sharp said.

“We have about 20 women putting it all together and tie-dyeing some of the items.

“The women in detention do get access to basic supplies like nappies, but these baskets are extra things.”

The baskets of supplies are worth about $30 each.

Ms Sharp said it was important to let the asylum-seekers know they had support in the community.

“Ninety per cent of them will be found to be genuine refugees,” she said.

“Imagine how isolating it would be in there and how vulnerable you would be as a pregnant woman away from your family.

“It would be an important factor for them knowing people outside care and think they’re worth helping.

“It’s nice to do things for other human beings.”



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