Indonesian police arrest alleged people-smuggling boss, Akram

September 06, 2013

Indonesian police have arrested a man who is understood to be a key people-smuggling boss, with suspected involvement in a fatal boat sinking.

A senior Indonesian police source has told ABC News that they have arrested a Sri Lankan man called Akram.

The man, who is also known as Rosen, was arrested in Bogor, south of Jakarta, and police suspect he organised a boat which sank off Cidaun on the south-west coast of Java in July.

There were more than 210 people on board, and 189 people survived.

Police have also completed their case against another people-smuggling boss called Jawed Muhmud, or Bilu, who is thought to be linked to four boats, including one which sank in June last year killing about 100 people.

Prosecutors will now take the case to court.



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