14th group of asylum seekers moved to Manus Island

August 30, 2013

MORE than 500 asylum seekers have been moved to Manus Island under the Papua New Guinea deal, after a 14th group was transferred on Friday.

The latest transfer included 40 men, mostly Iranians, but also two Afghans, one Myanmar national and six people claiming to be stateless.

It came as more than 2000 people have arrived since the deal was signed with PNG on July 19, with all of those arriving since to be settled in the Pacific nation.

The group arrived in Manus Island at about 7am on Friday, where they will be held until their claims have been processed by the PNG Government.

A statement from the Immigration Department said there was still not cap on the number of people to be transferred to PNG, and Australia was working expand the existing detention centre.

The statement also said the Australian and PNG governments were “exploring the construction of other regional processing centres” in PNG.

Source: http://www.warwickdailynews.com.au/news/14th-group-asylum-seekers-moved-manus-island/2004094/


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