Boats intercepted near Christmas Island

(Media Releases)

July 26, 2013

HMAS Bathurst, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia), rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-west of Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Initial reporting suggests there were 96 passengers and three crew on board. Border Protection Command has now transferred the people to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial checks, including health checks.

July 26. 2013

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service officers, with the support of the Australian Federal Police, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel at the outer edge of the Northwest Passage of Cocos (Keeling) Islands last night.

Indications suggest there are 68 people on board.

The vessel was initially detected by a RAAF maritime patrol aircraft, operating under the control of Border Protection Command.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will now make arrangements for the people to be transferred to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo health, security, identity and other checks.

July 26, 2013

HMAS Maryborough, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre, rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Initial indications suggest there were 75 passengers and three crew on board.

Border Protection Command has now transferred the passengers to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial health checks.

People arriving by boat without a visa after 19 July 2013 will be subject to the regional agreement with Papua New Guinea and won’t be settled in Australia.



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17 responses to “Boats intercepted near Christmas Island

  1. Geert Wilders

    more vermin. I am a tax payer. I don’t want to spend one cent on you fuckers.

    • Sisyphus Uphill

      ”I cannot but conclude the bulk of your natives to be the most pernicious race of little, odious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.” Jonathan Swift was so right! Carolyn, do not waste your energy on stupid yahoos (another of Swift’s words)! I really like the ‘slug’ expletive!

  2. Gee. Really. You are a tax payer – how novel. I am wondering how a person like you with a foreign name managed to slither;like the slug you are into Australia. Best that YOU went back to the slime YOU came from.

  3. Mo

    Dear Carolyn, your language is appalling. Do please note that so many of us in Australia have very different surnames…just check out yor own! Shouldn’t take too much for you to work out that Geert is not using his real name either.

  4. Dear Mo – I cannot find any of my language that is appalling. Of course I know it is not the slug’s real name. Neither is Dominish the name I was born with.I actually changed it legally. It is not the slug’s false name.that I am referring to but the disgusting racist thug that he hides behind and uses his name on a site such as this. And you are defending him…..

  5. In addition, Mo. At least I have the guts to use my real name here. How about you…

  6. Dear Hermes – The Winged Footed One. This is not a web site for Iranian or Iraqi asylum seekers. This is for persecuted, under threat, Afghans who have a genuine fear of reprisal and death on their return home. Sigh. If only people would just do some research on these Afghan asylum seekers. You don’t have to look far, after all. Read discussions from people who actually know what they are talking about on this very web site. Also see menus on the right. It IS about the poiticians. I hate Rudd for being a treacherous !@^^%$ and going back on promises, and Idespise Abbott even more for being prepared to enforce military might on innocent and desperate people. Shake out tyour feathers and learn the true situation for Afghan asylum seekers. Those who are ruled by the media will one day be doomed by the media. Look beneath the rubbish.

  7. Mo: While I am at it. Do you seriously think my language is worse than that impostor’s….. Or is it my views you are sniping at.. Be well armed with knowledge before you do either, my friend.

  8. Geert Wilders

    “be well armed with knowledge” <<<<< air head 😉

  9. zabie

    Yes Carolyn no one wanna put a little thought to think and know the truth. I have question from all you hater, ‘are you happy to live in your own home or go and live somewhere else?’ Put yourself in their (refugees’) shoes and feel what you haven’t and what you haven’t.

  10. Knowledge is power. The pen is mightier than the sword. Anything wrong with those, slug…

  11. Mo

    Yes Mo is my real name, what else would I use? The real Geert is entitled to his opinion without being labelled a ‘racist thug’. Seems that anyone holding an opinion that doesn’t agree with you is give a very negative name, ‘slug’ being another. I am not sniping and dont need to be ‘well armed’. Clearly I don’t agree with your views, but why should you feel the need to be rude to me because of that?
    Some questions for you, when does Australia decide that they have enough new immigrants for them to cope with to provide a good life for the new comers? At what rate can they manage the intake? Should Australia have the right to decide how many people the taxpayers can afford to support until or if they find work?

    • Hi Mo
      You obviously didn’t read any of Geert’s earlier comments. He used the word c***t several times. I don’t know if you find that acceptable, but I certainly don’t. Little wonder I went on the attack. What was Ito say to him “Oh. It is so nice to have you commenting here. Let’s have a civilised discussion” Give me a go!!

      All I ask of those who have a negative view compared to mine is that I appeal to them that they read about the people most are so willing to sacrifice, for two people who are leaders in the top governing parties, and let them look very closely at their policies.

      I am unable to answer your first two questions. Of course, your third question is valid. My answer is yes and no. Yes. Because we have the right to vote. No.,Because many people don’t know what (or whom) they are voting for or why, ie to nay that it is easier to grumble down at the pub with your mates, than actually try to look at the other point of view.

      If it makes you feel any better re name calling, the charming slug called me an air head earlier – it didn’t upset me in the slightest. 🙂 because I know I am not.

      I have been a supporter of this particular group for the last 12 years and many of them are my good friends. I am not boasting when I say I know a lot about what is happening to them now, and back in Afghanistan and Quetta in Pakistan and the reasons they take desperate measures to get here…

      In fact many of them who live among us were being accepted by the Government as “genuine refugees”. The tests they go through are rigorous, as they should be. Up until now they have been admirers of some of our past PMs, but what is happening now they consider “sad”. Seems to be a little bit Talibanesque for my liking and many more who support the asylum seekers. btw I am not their only supporter ,although I seem to be the main contributor on this side of the fence. I am OK with this.

      Every individual universally is entitled to asylum. If the asylum seekers are found not to be genuine they get sent back to their home countries. A person becomes a “refugee” as soon as they are allowed into Australia legally. Refugees are NOT illegal.. They have a very hard time, believe me.

      Having said all that I hope you rethink your views. I have had plenty of time to look critically at my own stand and I support them to my last breath. .Illegal immigrants are mostly from the UK or the Land of the Great White Cloud. I am not knocking them for wanting what they perceive as a better life here either.

      As for the ethnic group we are discussing, they consider it very sad when they read posts from the Geerts of the world.

      Read this – it may help to sort a few things out.

  12. Geert Wilders
    July 28, 2013 at 9:47 am
    “Why should we listen to these Gauchi wearing, BMW driving dogooder fakes? Fuck them. The sooner we get out this agreement we have with the UNHCR the better.”

    Now THIS is what I call bad language, Mo. Noonerading thesediscusion should have to read that sort of language. But as I said it was worst and fortunately moderated.

    He is NOT the real Gert Winders, but some sort of disciple. Both chaps have nothing to be proud of.

  13. Mo

    Carolyn I appreciate your answer and have not condoned the content of the ‘Geert’ comments. Can’t say I take the comments from Geert seriously as I think he/ she is only stirring. I have been living in developing countries for the last thiry years, have seen so many real refugees there and do not agree with people deciding for themselves to take flights to Indonesia and get on boats to go to Australua. There are 800,000 rohingas waiting for a new country, 160,000 Congolese have just escaped their country and live in dire situations in refugee camps. Millions in Bangladesh live in squalor and starvation. How do we solve the problem by allowing anyone who chooses to go to Australia? How long before their way of life is destroyed? Have you visited the UK lately? There is a limit to how much we can help others. In the end people will have to stay and sort out their own problems, we can’t manage the disasters of the world by inviting everyone to our country….sad, but I think true.

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