Two more asylum seeker boats intercepted

July 25, 2013

HMAS Huon, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, detected and intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Ashmore Islands on Tuesday night.

Initial reporting suggests there are 100 people on board.

Border Protection Command has made arrangements for two passengers requiring medical treatment and seven accompanying family to be transferred to Darwin. The remaining passengers will be transferred to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial checks, including health checks.

Meanwhile, HMAS Maryborough, operating under the control of Border Protection Command intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday.

Initial indications suggests there were 140 passengers and three crew on board.

The vessel was initially detected by a Customs and Border Protection Dash-8 surveillance aircraft, operating under the control of Border Protection Command.

Border Protection Command has transferred the passengers to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial checks, including health checks.

People arriving by boat without a visa after 19 July 2013 will be subject to the regional agreement with Papua New Guinea and won’t be settled in Australia.



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7 responses to “Two more asylum seeker boats intercepted

  1. Hermes

    If this Blog is a genuine forum, ie has a credible interest in open, honest debate on the known, substantive facts, the administrators would NOT be removing comments that don’t necessarily agree with their agenda.

    The Australian taxpayer has by default, unwittingly and unwillingly invested vast sums of moneys amounting to $12 + Billion and rising, which has funded an ‘industry’ developed from within our borders, as an accessory to the illegal enterprise of people smuggling; that which to date has delivered some 46,000 + uninvited ‘guests’ of unknown character, or background that can be effectively tested to anyone’s real satisfaction.

    Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country are in a war of wills to restore our sovereign borders. Since Labor’s Rudd was elected in 2007, and his subsequent deliberate dismantling of our border protections in 2008, TRUTH and HONESTY with the Australian people became the first casualty in the war against the criminal enterprise that is people smuggling.

    If those with a vested interest in the advocacy industry have a genuine,
    authentic commitment to ALL humanity, they would not seek to hide the
    TRUTH or the substantive FACTS on behalf of a selected few, or out of
    any sense of self interest!!

    FACT: Our country, Australia – is NOT a bottomless money pit – there is a LIMIT to our generosity, but not our humanity.

    Currently, there are more than 100,000 homeless Australians who could only dream about accessing the kind of government assistance afforded to strangers arriving illegally, with no immediate verifiable identification, by way of a significant contribution to the multi $$ billion USD criminal people smuggling industry, from which no-one knows where these funds end up? ie do ‘we’ know if the people smuggling trade funds terrorism?, or if it funds the global illicit drug trade?, or any other global criminal enterprise?

    Naivete, ignorance or just plain old fashioned self interest on the asylum seeker problems that we face as a nation, I fear, will ultimately determine the societal, cultural, religious and economic future of our country.

    I trust, for all our sakes that in the near future serious decisions and actions will be taken by intelligent, decent people who care more for this nation, than they do for themselves.

  2. Dear Hermes – Winged Footed One.

    This paragraph is in itself unclear:
    “If those with a vested interest in the advocacy industry have a genuine,
    authentic commitment to ALL humanity, they would not seek to hide the
    TRUTH or the substantive FACTS on behalf of a selected few, or out of
    any sense of self interest!!”

    I assume here that you are referring to those people who support the rights of asylum seekers Please enlighten me as to what the “invested interest” is. It’s certainly not about money. You mention the words “ALL humanity”, as far as I am concerned that includes ALL humanity, including asylum seekers. Not for the first time, they didn’t take that “boat cruise” because they wanted to. One can’t even get a licence in Afghanistan, let alone a visa for the unfortunate Afghan group who this site represent. TRUTH and FACTS are what every day I implore people to discover. There is no shortage of information. Actually, there is a lot on this page for you, and others, to read..

    Personally, I don’t think that either of the major parties give a rat’s about “homeless people” . That is not an argument used by either government to justify their inhumanity. They both prefer to electioneer with each other and against each other with what now appears to be the same thing,ie let’s torture, imprison and punish those who are least likely to defend themselves – asylum seekers.

    If any posts are removed, it is NOT because they disagree with what asylum seekers are wanting from Australia. It is because of disgusting, filthy language from racists.

    Judging by the erudition shown in your post, I am sure that you know that “Fredom of Speech” is not a crime in this country, but “racism” is.

    Homo Homini Lupus

  3. IHermes Greek is my second language and homo hominis lupus in Modern and Ancient Greek is <>..

  4. Hermes

    Caroline, I can assure you that I am neither a wolf to man, or a racist.
    But I am a realist.
    Over the years, I have had the good fortune to make many longstanding friendships either through my employment, business or social connections, with men and women of various nationalities, ie British, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, New Zealander, Indian, Turkish, Timorese, Lebonese, Albanian, Irish, Maltese, Latvian and Swedish, and they all came to our country through proper, legal channels, to make Australia their home.

    What concerns me, and many others, is that our immigration laws are being undermined by criminals, ie people smugglers who reap around
    USD $1 Million for every boat loaded with asylum seekers that breach our sovereign borders. And tragically, it is now estimated that up to 2,000 people, including children, have drowned at sea attempting to reach Australia. No one wants to witness people dying at sea, or the heartbreaking aftermath of grief their families experience.

    For every asylum seeker entering our borders, it costs the Australian taxpayer approximately AUD $200,000 for each and every man, woman and child. Factor in the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat since early 2008, which is now over 46,000, cost $9.2 + Billion!
    This situation cannot continue – there is a limit.

    My questions to you are as follows: How many asylum seekers, from any country, do you propose we take? Given there is anywhere from 5 – 9 million Hazara living in Afghanistan and Pakistan – How many of this number of Hazara should Australia take?
    For argument sake, if we were to take 50,000 per year, where do you propose these people would be housed? Where would they find employment – say 25,000 jobs? How would we cope with the additional demand for adequate health and medical care for these people,
    when we can’t provide any of these basic necessities for many of our own citizens?

    As an example, if we were to allow permanent settlement of 50,000 asylum seekers per year, we would have a catastrophic socio/economic problem on our hands, in a very short space of time – by unintentionally creating a massive, isolated underclass that will be doomed to poverty in a first world country, where the cost of living is a challenge for many natural born citizens who are employed, and who have adequate housing and health care etc.

    Your generosity of spirit and need to do good for these people is admirable, however, common sense needs to prevail, as often times, help can easily turn to unintended harm, sadly. Sometimes, we need to be cruel to be kind. Tough love – is still love!

    ‘Vested’ interest means someone who relies on the status quo –
    to either derive personal benefit, salary, remuneration etc.

    Note: My source of information comes not from the media, but from DFAT, various government departments and agencies that publish
    factual data relating to immigration, asylum seekers etc, from which
    I research.

  5. Sisyphus Uphill

    What is often forgotten in these immigration issues, whether legal or illegal, is how much business these people generate once they set foot in a country – In Canada, each family generates about $ 250,000.00 in business which can be equated to that in Australia. Therefore, the argument that these people are a burden on the taxpayers is false because whatever the expenditures assumed by the different levels of government, the local economy will benefit in the long run with these people around since sooner rather than later they will have to join the work force to earn a living just like everybody else.

  6. Thanks Sisyphus. I can assure you Hermes I am well equipped to defend these asylum seekers. I am not just a do gooder, bleeding heart etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseam. My claim to knowing these people personally is completely genuine. I have been an active refugee advocate for 10 years now,since the first genuine asylum seekers were dumped at a remote place called “Curtin”. I helped many if those people get settles in our fair land. I am still, given that chance. These people make barely a blot on the Australian landscape and are happy to work wherever they are sent. Our outback, as forbidding as it seems to many, is the type of country they are used to.

    DFAT is a government office. Policy makers are government. The mere fact that they are government does NOT make them a reliable source of what is really happening to asylum seekers, particularly in Quetta, Pakistan.. I sense, Hermes, that you are patronising me, but maybe I have become so used to defending that I am oversensitive. Never entertain the thought that I am naive and trusting and ill informed. When you support these people you quickly lose any quality that suggests a “delicate disposition”. One learns to support, defend and advocate against overwhelming odds, particularly in this country. I am not lionising myself. There are many more who do take on much more than I do..

    Hermes – I respect your opinions,, at least you have attempted to make sense of of this growing puddle of ignorance and confusion that continues to be propagated by both major parties. It is one thing to read and think _ “Ah. That makes sense economically”. Throw away lines like “tough love” are just insulting to those who lose their lives and or families in their pursuit of “a better life”.in a country that is increasingly being divided by unscrupulous politicians.

    I urge you, Hermes, to take time to read the stories of the particular group whose pages these are. Things are not so black and white economically as DFAT and the two parties would have you believe.

    Thank you for you comments Hermes. The messenger of the Gods is in a unique position to learn and then broadcast the facts. And Sisyphus for your words of reason.,Rolling that rock up the hill is hard work. We share that labour.

    FYI Hermes – You asked about jobs. Most of the refugees create their own businesses on arrival, eg. tiling, painting etc. They are forced to work very long hours and if they are working for anyone else, earn paltry wages. Despite these odds they work hard and send most of their miney back to their families in Afghanistan or Quetta. These are marked men. If they return to their homes in Afghanistan or Quetta, they can expect to be shot. Covertly, of course. Remember all those .attacks on Shia religious gatherings in Quetta……… Who are the group they target …….Read up. Tough love…… Hardly….

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