Tasmanian Labor MPs revolt against new boat people policy

Labor Minister David O'Byrne has used Twitter to criticise the new policy.

Labor Minister David O’Byrne has used Twitter to criticise the new policy.

July 20, 2013


Several senior Tasmanian Labor politicians have taken to social media to attack the Federal Government’s new asylum seeker policy.

In a tweet, Police and Economic Development Minister David O’Byrne said: “It is always a test for communities when faced with a choice of how we treat those less fortunate. As a country we have failed that test.”

Attorney-General Brian Wightman also took to Twitter, saying: “If Tony Abbott welcomes any Labor announcement then it’s proof we haven’t got it right.”

On Friday the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced all boat arrivals would now be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing.

Those found to be genuine refugees would be resettled in PNG.

David O’Byrne is a former state party president who is also touted as a potential future Premier.

When contacted by the ABC Mr O’Byrne said he was on holidays and did not wish to comment further.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-20/tasmanian-labor-minister-attacks-new-asylum-seeker-policy/4832882?section=tas



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4 responses to “Tasmanian Labor MPs revolt against new boat people policy

  1. We need people like you, Mr O’Byrne.

  2. Mohammad Ali

    Those living in peace should behave in batter way with those who are presently less fortunate. Hazara people are facing bomb blasts, targeted killings, kidnapings for ransom and confined in 2 km area…just like a cage.

  3. Mo

    Mohammad, the problem is that so many people who are not genuine asylum seekers are pretending to be refugees and are abusing the wonderful system of asylum set up after the 2nd world war. If we could stop this abuse then the genuine refugees could be recognised and helped. Australia can’t continue to deal with the growing numbers of people arriving by boat and there is unfortunately a limit on how many people they can help by allowing them into the country. The country has to control immigration.

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