Asylum seeker boats intercepted

July 15, 2013

Home Affairs Minister’s office, in media statements released yesterday and today, has reported arrival of Four boat load of asylum seekers in Australian water.

The first two boats were rendered assistance by Border Protection Command and Maritime Safety Authority near Christmas Island on Saturday. According to initial reports, boats were carrying 105 and 181 asylum seekers respectively.

Meanwhile, two more boats reportedly carrying 50 and 84 asylum seekers were being intercepted near Ashmore Island and Broome on Saturday and Sunday.

All asylum seekers have been transferred to Australian government authorities for initial health, medical and identity checks.



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4 responses to “Asylum seeker boats intercepted

  1. Ruquiya

    Alllah sab ko salamti say manzal pa puncha day. Ammen

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  3. bashir khan

    allah hamari safar bi asan kardy allah hame apni manzil tk khair sy poncha dy

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