Police raid Munich camp of migrants seeking asylum in Germany

July 01, 2013


After a failed attempt at mediation, a camp of asylum seekers in Munich has been raided by authorities. More than 40 men and women had been on a hunger strike in the compound.

The asylum seekers, mostly from Africa and Asia, gave up food – and water – last week to draw attention to their struggle. Police perhaps drew much more attention to them, clearing out the camp on Sunday beginning at 5 a.m, local time.

A city spokesman said that group had been split up and that the 44 patients had been dispersed to a dozen hospitals for treatment for any effects of the hunger strike.

A visit by regional politicians last week had been rebuffed. “The authorities have shown that nothing was done to create trust,” said Ashkan Khorasani, who has acted as the spokesman for the asylum seekers.

After Munich Mayor Christian Ude, a Social Democrat, met with Horst Seehofer, the conservative premier of the state of Bavaria, authorities decided to raid the camp, officially out of fears that the hunger strike was potentially self-destructive.

mkg/jlw (dpa, epd)

Source: http://www.dw.de/police-raid-munich-camp-of-migrants-seeking-asylum-in-germany/a-16916231


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