60 asylum seekers to be housed in Collie

June 06, 2013

Asylum seekers will start moving into homes in Collie by the middle of this month in one of the biggest resettlement programs undertaken in a regional area.

Communicare will settle about 10 families, or about 60 people, who are on bridging visas.

The asylum seekers, who are believed to be from Afghanistan, will be given six weeks to establish themselves in the community, get their children into school and work towards finding longer-term housing.

Those without work rights – the majority – are expected to receive a $220 a week payment, equivalent to 89 per cent of the dole.

They will not be living with members of the public.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said he was shocked by the lack of public consultation and community preparation.

Mr Murray said Collie residents without homes were likely to feel aggrieved that a government agency had found homes for asylum seekers and not them.

Communicare spokeswoman Martine Pit said the asylum seekers had been assessed by the Department of Immigration to be of good character and did not pose a security risk.




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4 responses to “60 asylum seekers to be housed in Collie

  1. Matin Wahidi

    thanks so much for u r information we r so happy for u r information


  2. Louise Dingle Refugee advocate and counsellor.

    The members of Collie will be privileged to come to know the Hazaras. They are a gentle, family focused and peace loving people. I hope they get to grow veges and own chooks.

    • Kirsten

      Hello I would like to meet some Hazara refugees who have come to Collie to live. I can offer help with things like veggies seeds and farm fresh lamb and may be able to arrange halaul meat. I I would even consider allowing my home to be rented out to a family as I am moving interstate after renovating but do not intend to sell. I will be fully furnished but I was concerned bout tenants. I am sure once settled they will appreciate the cottage and the edible gardens I am establishing better than a western tenant. I will be in WA for at least another 6 months so I can offer friendship and local help. I love goat milk and home made yoghurt. I am of the Bahia faith, which is from Persia closley connected to islam and ancient christianity and very multi cultural so I will find a common ground. I don’t drink or smoke and would like to learn about their cuisines and culture as much as I am keen to teach about ours. My number is 97343315 my name is Kirsten

  3. ahmad shir hashmi

    i did my frist asylum on 1 june 2013 in uk but on 10 of june they bring me to datantion now i am here from last two days so wht wil my destion . .

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