Asylum seeker boat arrival near Christmas Island the biggest this year

May 03, 2013

Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers arrive on Christmas Island. Source: Supplied

AUSTRALIAN authorities have intercepted a vessel carrying 184 asylum seekers and two crew – the largest boatload to arrive this year.

The overloaded fishing boat was found north west of Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Asylum seekers were taken to Christmas Island for initial healthy, security and identity checks.

The mega boat follows a record month of arrivals in April with 3316 people reaching Australia by boat.



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One response to “Asylum seeker boat arrival near Christmas Island the biggest this year

  1. The media obsession with the size of a boat and the number of passengers only fuels the fear campaign about breaches of national borders and threat to national security, when IN FACT, seeking asylum is legal, coming on a boat is OK, paying for your journey is OK and the real focus of attention should be on WHY courageous people still choose to seek protection from persecution.

    More stories about murders, bombs, drive by shootings and white van kidnappings etc is what we should be reading about and seeing on our tv reporting. These are the PUSH FACTORS which create forced population movements.

    Thanks to the asylum seekers and former refugees who tell their stories and give our Aussie host community an insight into the WHY of a refugee story.

    Tony Abbott must be challenged at every opportunity about the sufferingb life of a refugee … frightened people, the target of violent genocide , you who were a refugee the moment you left home. An asylum seeker is a potenmtial refugee. In the case of Hazara an asylum seeker is almost certainly, always, a refugee who fled persecution.

    Shout it loud and often, my friends!

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