Curtin detention centre ‘cannot’ be ‘child-friendly’

April 24, 2013


Image Courtesy: Google Images

An organisation opposed to keeping children in detention says moving families into Curtin detention centre would cost taxpayers large amounts of money.

The Immigration Minister said yesterday no decision has been made on moving children to Curtin but he has refused to rule out the move.

The Chilout organisation says Curtin’s notorious history and remote location means it could never be a child-friendly place.

Chilout’s Sophie Peer says moving young children to Curtin would not make financial sense.

“Getting children presumably from Christmas Island down to Curtin and then possibly on to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, all of that adds up to an enormous travel cost, let alone the logistics involved of keeping children there for a period of time,” she said.

She says putting children into Curtin would damage their mental health.

“No you cannot make that a child-friendly centre,” she said.

“The facilities that children need, the educational access, the medical care they need, the community interaction for both them and their parents who are trying to care for them in such a difficult environment is just very, very compromised in that location.”



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