Refugees end hunger strike over security clearance

April 18, 2013

Hunger strikers end protest over security assessment

Hunger strikers end protest over security assessmen

The 10-day hunger strike by a group of refugees at a Melbourne detention centre has ended.

A spokesman for the Tamil Refugee Council says the 27 men finished their protest late last night.

The men took the action after they failed ASIO security assessments, even though they had been granted refugee status.

Advocates say they should be allowed to challenge the ASIO decisions in court.

Rose Iser, refugee advocate, says after talks last night they decided to start eating again and move inside.

“They were increasingly weak and fragile and despondent and cold and wet,” she told ABC local radio.

She says the are grateful for the community support they have received.

“As a result of that they were encouraged to choose life over a hunger strike,” she said.

The federal Attorney-General has asked for a review of the ASIO files and the negative security assessment.

More than 50 refugees are being indefinitely detained due to security concerns.



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