Teenage asylum seekers off to school

April 05, 2013

The Pontville detainees will study at vocational training centres.

The Pontville detainees will study at vocational training centres.

Teenage asylum seekers at a detention centre north of Hobart will begin school next week.

Up to 150 detainees aged between 15 and 17 will be taken by bus into Hobart from the Pontville to study at vocational training centres.

Tasmania’s Education Minister, Nick McKim, says their studies will focus on learning English.

He says the young detainees will be integrated with other students.

“I have no doubt that these students will be welcomed with open arms because our education system and, in fact, Tasmania is such a generous-hearted place and my feedback from the Polytechnic to date has been that they’re really looking forward to welcoming these students,” he said.

The Commonwealth is covering the costs.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-05/teenage-asylum-seekers-heading-to-classrooms/4612238


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One response to “Teenage asylum seekers off to school

  1. Frieda Beukenkamp

    Recepy for a future social disaster; Put 100++ young males without guidance of any structure how to behave, together in a prison.
    choose from the most fulnerable age group.
    Take away any part of their previous culture, like religion ,family structure, dress, community, food, dress, etc.
    Lock them up in a prison without any crime committed.
    Deprive them of education .
    Don’t tell them a date when this will all end.
    Withhold possibility,s forming new lasting relationships.
    Don’t consider the hormonel upheaval and changes in this age group. Expose them to western culture often of an alien nature and based on consumerism.
    Stir, let simmer ,………. Put in the freezer(cooler)
    Surly the officials can find family’s with a commitment to offer these boys a home.
    Unfortunately I,m not in a position to be such a person, but open to ideas.

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