Open Letter | Please tell Darebin City Council unheard stories of asylum seekers

January 24, 2013

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

HAS has received this letter from Jema, whose work is to tell the unheard stories of the community members. She has recently been tasked by Darebin City Council to present stories of Asylum Seekers. We at HazaraAsylumSeekers would like our followers – who are able to help and have their unheard stories and experiences to please email Jema at

Here is the full transcript of Jema’s letter:

Hello Everyone who read this,

My work is telling stories from communities who need to be heard. I am an theatre maker and Darebin City has kindly funded me to write about the asylum seekers on offshore and onshore processing centres. I am specifically interested in Hazaras and Tamils, as well as Iraqis and Iranians,though I welcome all personal stories. I would also like to hear form women and children who can tell me about their lives before and during detention.  I can be contacted on

The project is called Blood on the Water and will be a public presentation of live performance; film and photography……

We hope to raise as much awareness as possible on the plight of asylum seekers and change the political rhetoric and misrepresentation from the media.

People need to hear personal stories so they see the heart of anyone fleeing form persecution, war and torture.


Jema Stellato Pledger


+61 3 9531 7737

+61 41485 99 22


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