Asylum seekers intercepted on Java beach

December 13, 2012

Indonesian police have intercepted about 150 asylum seekers near a Java beach, who are thought to have been trying to get on a boat to Australia.

A local police source has told the ABC that 10 asylum seekers have been arrested but about 140 others are sheltering in the jungle from rain near a beach in Java.

Parts of Java receive up to 4 metres of rain annually and the heavy downpours and jungle terrain have frustrated police attempts to catch all the asylum seekers involved.

It is believed they were preparing to board a boat at Sawarna Beach in the Banten province.

In the lead up to Christmas last year, two boats sank in as many months off the coast of Java, killing more than 250 asylum seekers.



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One response to “Asylum seekers intercepted on Java beach

  1. thangavelautham manesh

    please sir i want help from you my brother traval from srilanka. to aưstralia now where is he i dont know . please sir help me my brother name langesh age 27. he start travel boat date 18.07.2012 please help me sir i am waiting for u r mail

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