Omid – an asylum seeker in Nauru, is to die, to ‘save’ others from dying

November 26, 2012

Photo Credit: AFP

Omid  – meaning “Hope” –  an asylum seeker, who is on his 45th day of hunger strike aimed to embrace either death or justice instead Nauru HELL, is in his last stages of life, asylum seekers in nauru reported.

Despite carrying the word HOPE in his name Omid’s hope for freedom and justice is fading with each passing moment yet none seems to be concerned from Australian or Nauruan Government’s side.
Today we received this heartening letter for Asylum Seekers detained in Nauru;

Last breaths of Omids life
The Government and people of Australia
The last breaths of Omids life and his situation is being receipted by security guards staff. After having hunger strike of 46 days including four days of refusing water.
His body getting paralysed and the internal function of his body is going to be stop soon. He is in extreme stage of internal bleeding. He has let the security and medical staff to know that his death bring all of them to the court of justice. The Nauru hospital doctor staff had observed and analysis him. They found out that it’s late to treat him. They reject him to be admitting in hospital. They left him in tent in the hand of God.
Is this the only solution for him?
He has gone on strike for this long time for the sake of his freedom.
Are you approve of his death?
Hasn’t it got the time to take him back to Australia and treat him the same as those, who arrived after 13th august?
Is this the object of killing him to teach the others to stop the hunger strike?
No we commit that the death of Omid will drag more asylum seekers to choose the same way.
The bitter reality of Nauru’s detention centre will shock the worldRegards
Asylum seekers Nauru


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2 responses to “Omid – an asylum seeker in Nauru, is to die, to ‘save’ others from dying

  1. Australia is guilty of torture with the implementation of its asylum seeker policy.
    With God’s grace conditions will improve before Omid or another asylum seeker dies.

  2. How could I approve of this terrible outcome. I can only vote for change. What can others do?

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