I am HAZARA | a special series by dawn.com

November 21, 2012

Photo Credit: dawn.com

Close to 1,000 Hazaras have been killed in targeted attacks and shootings in the capital of Pakistan’s largest province. The indifference towards the atrocities has forced this shrinking community to take escape routes and gamble between life at the promised land and death at the ocean.

Why would someone kill a Hazara? The question elicited different responses from social scientists, politicians, religious leaders and economists. Apart from the analytical reasons, there are others too: The organised graveyards, well-managed colonies, self-sufficient introvert people, and children who take art seriously and life lightly are among the distinguishing factors of these people. Hazaras, probably, are too refined for us to mourn their deaths, feel their loss and protest their killings. Their existence is the sole ray of light that challenges the darkness, which we have come to we love.

We have also conveniently chosen to look the other way because we are not Hazaras and our kids will never be killed because of their facial features, dialects and faith. The perception prevails that this persecution is for Hazaras only – but the areas of Sola-acre, Nasirabad, Syedabad and Nauabad remind us that these were once safe places too.

Legend has it that the title Hazara is derived from their grouping into battalions of 1,000 men which fought Genghiz Khan. Now, with the killing of close to one thousand Hazaras, this title has been redefined.
Read the full series here in Urdu: http://urdu.dawn.com/kon-hazara/

Read the full series in English here: http://dawn.com/i-am-hazara/



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3 responses to “I am HAZARA | a special series by dawn.com

  1. I have replied directly to Dawn.

  2. That is Really nice article which down has mention the current situation of Hazara in different perspective. thank you for posting over here

  3. Sabir

    I have read the Down news article before your post, One thing i would like from you that the word Hazara has derived from where than you must tell the remaining part of that as well, no matter i will share with you ,When Changaz Khan send his grandson by the name of Mutugen in 1221, Mutugen says to local people of Bamiyan, who are Hazara (Azra) that Changaz want from you guys that you should support Changaz idiology, when the local deny Changaz point of view, Then Mutugen the grandson of Changaz try to enforce his idiology on local of Bamiyan, In reply locals of Bamiyan killed the grandson of Changaz, This has occur in Bamiyan, Currently Shara ghalghola or City of screams which changaz khan destory in revange of his grandson. Dear it clear that we live in Afghanistan before Changaz and Hazara don’t belong to Changaz or Mangol

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