Nauru detainee has not eaten for 33 days

November 13, 2012

Image Source: Google


Immigration authorities have serious concerns about the health of a man being held on Nauru who has not eaten for 33 days.

The Iranian asylum seeker, known as Omid, is on a hunger strike along with hundreds of other detainees and medical experts say it is now a life-threatening situation.


There are 386 detainees in the Nauru immigration detention facility and 305 of them are on a hunger strike.

Another asylum seeker on Nauru, Said Muhammad from Pakistan, says Omid is seriously ill.

“You will just find him having a skeleton. The doctor told him that very soon your brain and your heart will stop working,” he said.

“He is just laying on a bed all day and night, he is even not able to walk properly.”

A spokesman for the Immigration Department says the Iranian man is currently in a stable condition.

He says the man is being closely monitored by doctors at the detention centre but authorities are concerned.

Mr Muhammad says most of the others on the hunger strike have not eaten since November 1.

“The guys are feeling very weak, more than 80 guys collapsed because of hunger strike,” he said.

But the Department of Immigration disputes the hunger strike’s scale.

A spokesman says the majority of detainees are eating and drinking regularly.



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