Letters from Nauru Detention Centre (4) | Limited Internet Access

October 27, 2012

The fourth letter from Nauru is here; the internet access has been made limited for detained asylum seekers after their moving letters appeared on social media.


The World Independent news channels, Human Right Commissions and the
Communities for Oppressed Asylum Seekers.

Day by day the management of Australia are striking the rules in Nauru to have a limited
access to internet and other facilities.

As we have reported about our one day hunger strike and attempting suicide of
an Asylum Seeker.

The management are rejecting the news what is happening here. To find the reality
permit us to invite the media.


An Asylum Seeker on date 27/10/2012, time 9:10 pm again attempt suicide.

The Policy for Asylum Seekers resulted pandemic diseases, mental effects and suicide
attempting instead of stopping the

Why Asylum Seekers left their countries.

Majority of the Asylum Seekers in Nauru are well educated and having skills. We
have left our home land because our lives

were in danger. We come to peaceful Australia to have a new start of life, but due to this
policy, we are facing slowly death in Nauru

Our destination is Australia not Nauru.


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