Letters from Nauru Detention Centre (3)

October 25, 2012

On this prosperous day of EID-Uzuha, detained asylum seekers in Nauru are on hunger strike and had staged a protest against their inhumane treatment.  They once again sought our help to spread their voice through social media.


To Whom It May Concern

The world independent news channels, Human Rights Commissions and the Communities of oppressed people

What is the punishment of those people who are seeking Asylum is there any law in the world that without court decision they will shift to the regional processing centre for unknown time, In one month six asylum seeker have been mad so what will be the ratio of mad persons in future. If these mad men attempt suicide who will be the responsible

We did not come to Australia with determination of being transfer to Nauru but our aim is to seek Asylum in peaceful and lawful Australia without listening to us, we were shift to Nauru Hell.

Is there any law in the world that Asylum Seekers have shifted like animals (by fraud and force).

Today, we got together; we are announcing will continue our protest until shifting to Australia

our cases should be started as soon as possible while writing this letter, we are looking a bad situation that an Asylum seeker attempting suicide.

Stop killing the Asylum seeker, stop making the cruel laws. Today on this happy festival of EID-UL-AZHA and national day of Nauru due to our bad conditions, we are on protest and hunger strike.

If the Government did not listen to us then we will again start hunger strike for unlimited time.

Few of the Asylum seekers have started blood vomiting instead of giving them treatment doctor excuses that they don’t have facilities here. Is this Humanity?

We Asylum Seekers in Nauru repeating our words we prefer to be killed only one time by militants instead of dying here day, night. We are suffering from mental and Physical diseases

We demand from Australian Government to TURN THE BOATS BACK Instead of sending them to Nauru Hell



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2 responses to “Letters from Nauru Detention Centre (3)

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  2. Leigh Ackland

    so sad to hear all of this, wish i could help

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