An Open Letter | The Voice Of Asylum Seekers in Nauru Detention Centre

October 18, 2012

Team HAS has received the following open letter from Asylum Seekers currently being detained in Nauru under the new Offshore Processing aka 2.0. Although they don’t speak the language but their language of vulnerability, desperation and emotion speaks to us. With some minor editing we have tried to publish this letter in its original form.

In the name of God

Oppressed and helpless refugees (Nauru Island)

To : all FREE and Liberated Human Beings

The statements of all the refugees from the camp (Purgatory) Nauru to people all over the world
We are living in bad conditions that are not just any man can not live in it,these condition are not suitable for animals.

Out of this condition we have protested in the detention centre but it fell on the deaf earsWe asked at the end of the protests:
First and foremost, Take us to Australian soil. (Under Refugee Convention, Australia is obliged to assess those who seek asylum here on Australian soil)
Second, we wanted to start the immigration process by the Australian Government Department of Immigration as we told by DIAC (where we are, with the passing of the great dangers that we had taken refuge)
The third is called closing the Nauru camp (because no one would be able to survive in these inhumane conditions).

Today we were on the Protest ……NoBody is ready for listening our Voice…….The Cry (chants/slogans) of the Protest was……Dont kill the humanity,Dont kill the refugees,Close the Nauru,Dont make us Crazy,We need our Life,We need Freedom and Respect the Humanity etc…


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5 responses to “An Open Letter | The Voice Of Asylum Seekers in Nauru Detention Centre

  1. Hi, I’m a journalist at the west australian. Plz contact me about this . 0411127370

  2. Hello. I’m a reporter with The West Australian newspaper. Please call me about these letters from Nauru. 0411 127 370

    • kausar

      hello sir
      i request u that please send all the people to Christmas island……
      that 38 peoples ho transfor from christmas island to Nauru

  3. Sim Topas

    I am advocate of DOMESTIC Violence, Child Abuse and orphans. PLEASE CONTACT ME ANY GIRL IN THE CAMP BETWEEN AGE 14 & 18 under above catogory.

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