Three asylum seekers self-harm at Nauru

October 14, 2012

This picture is ‘not’ of Asylum Seekers who had attempted self-harm and suicide today but a it does depict the trauma and the subsequent effect of the indefinite detention.

THERE are concerns for the mental health of asylum seekers detained on Nauru’s processing centre, after three men harmed themselves in the facility in as many days.

An Iranian man attempted self-harm on Thursday, while another two Iranians did the same on Saturday, an Immigration Department spokesman told AAP.

No further details were available due to privacy reasons.

“Medical and mental health support is obviously available to all clients on that facility,” the spokesman said on Sunday.

Under the government’s new offshore processing regime, 254 asylum seekers have been transferred to Nauru, while Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island is expected to start receiving transfers in the coming weeks.


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One response to “Three asylum seekers self-harm at Nauru

  1. Psychotherapist/Counsellor.

    With no media, lawyers, humans rights groups, advocates allowed in to Nauru to verify whether or not they are receiving mental health support, how can it be “obvious” to us. The spokesman from the department of Immigration is incorrect. Nothing is obvious at all. We cannot verify the report from Department of Immigration. Highly concerning also is the lack of remorse from DIAC, towards detainees who have succumbed to this compounded trauma from a ill founded political policy, that has still failed to stop boats. No political advantage at all has occurred from forcing one group of people to languish unnecessarily to dissuade another group from travelling. They are STILL travelling. In record numbers. See the latest statement from Hazarran people. They would rather Nauru than poverty and starvation.

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