Muhammad Anwar’s pursuit of sanctuary ended in Milan, Italy

October 01, 2012

Muhammad Anwar’s pursuit for sanctuary ended in Milan, Italy.

Mohammad Anwar (an asylum seeker), father of two kids, Saeeda her elder daughter aged only 7-9 years and a son Hasnain only 4-6 years old; fled Pakistan two years ago, remained in Greece for one and half year and eventually managed to enter Italy where his fate did not stand by him any more.

[UPDATED] According to reports he succumbed to his injuries after when he tried to escape from Italian border authorities, who had sent him back to Greece twice before the tragedy. His body is currently held in a Milan hospital. He belonged to the most persecuted ethnic and religious minority – Hazaras

His abandoned family is unable to pay the due amount which apparently is 7000 Euros to bring his dead body back and have his funeral before their eyes. It is therefore requested from every reader/friend to please contribute your share of moral liability. Please read the flyer if you wish to donate.

Please remember that his innocent kids have only one week to see their father’s face for the last time, or else Italian authorities will bury the body in Italy according to their rules.

Source: Hazara Volunteers facebook page

The heart wrenching tale of Mohammad Anwar depicts plight of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees, stranded in between Greece and Italy. The daily deadly attacks by fascists on these vulnerable people is not rare either. The news of oppression and torture of asylum seekers surface on International media everyday, but no stern action has been taken yet by UNHCR and other Human Rights organizations to prevent these gruesome violence and attacks against refugees asylum seekers.



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4 responses to “Muhammad Anwar’s pursuit of sanctuary ended in Milan, Italy

  1. dear hsa team i am realy thankful for your intiatives related to asylum seekers and hazara particularly. it is requested you to give coverage to all asylum seekers belonging to different communities

  2. annonymous

    so sad to hear that i think this is not the only question of hazara but almost all the shia community in Pakistan. If the Australia, European union and developed countries did not allow asylum seekers and the seekers bind in their countries it will born more disasters then ever. I can clearly see a massive wave of shia genocide in Pakistan coming in future if the situation remains like that so the shia of Pakistan should pick up the ammo and fight for their survival.

  3. anonymous
    So you are saying that a very small minority in Pakistan, namely those situated in Quetta, should take up arms against the military might of Pakistan.
    You certainly don’t have the mind of a general. The Shia in Afghanistan and Pakistan have learned the hard way not to take on majority rule.

  4. Anonymous

    The truth of it is, although some who post here e.g Geert and Jennifer, not many people know about what is happening in Quetta, nor do they wish to. Those Australians who DO know support avoiding that inevitable genocide you mention by welcoming asylum seekers. Is it possible that Kevin Rudd is that stupid….that he doesn’t know about that inevitable genocide. Or – does he just care about becoming the next PM of Australia… The answer is not too hard to guess.

    Indeed the majority of Australian have become “dry souls”.

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