Asylum seekers arrive at Christmas Island

September 23, 2012

A merchant vessel carrying asylum seekers rescued from Indonesian waters has arrived at Christmas Island.

The boat with 169 people on board ran into trouble on Saturday morning about 45 nautical miles south of the Sunda Strait.

Australia coordinated the search and several merchant ships went to the vessel’s aid.

The Federal Government says the group was transferred to the MV Pinnacle Bliss because their boat had a damaged hull and engine trouble.

Meanwhile, Australian authorities intercepted another asylum seeker boat north of Christmas Island on Saturday afternoon.

It is believed the vessel had 66 passengers and two crew on board.




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3 responses to “Asylum seekers arrive at Christmas Island

  1. Muhammad Mustafa

    could any one tell the names of the persons who were on this boat???

  2. dear friends.
    I am ali mohammad and i am rufugge now i am in surabaya. Their is many hazara srilankan and irani asylum seeker. We are 3 month their. Their is no uncher no i.o.m. for my all hazara help with us if anybody see the uncher pls tell him. Come at surabaya immegration. all so fowhat to humanright. Thanks

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