62 Asylum seekers intercepted

September 01, 2012

62 Asylum seekers intercepted

Authorities have intercepted a boat carrying 62 asylum seekers and two crew north-east of Christmas Island.

The asylum seekers were stoped by the armed patrol boat ACV Triton.

Homes Affairs Minister Jason Clare says Border Protection Command has transferred the passengers to Christmas Island where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks.

Source: http://www.skynews.com.au/national/article.aspx?id=790474



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2 responses to “62 Asylum seekers intercepted

  1. muhammad gul

    dear sir please this asylum seeker is arrived in christmas island 1 september 2012.kindly we are request to you please issue the name these person in the boat .29 august 2012 in java crashed the boat. we are thinking in this boat 25 pakistani person in this boat ,please you check this person in name of////umar farooq //amir gul//sami ullah// sami ullah khan//iqrar hussain///mujtaba hussain///syed husanian no 1////shahid hussain no 1///syed murtaza hussain///syed shafeq hussain///syedmushahis hussain///muhammad anwar///syed razi shah///syed irfam haider////maisam hussain ///iqrar hussain no 2/////muntazer
    syed ijaz hussain///iqbal hussain///ibraham hussain///syed hamid hussain////murtaza hussain///shahid hussain no 2/////mohammad hussain////syed ashiq hussain////////twenty five femily is very bed condication

    • Bashir

      Hello brother, I am Bashir Ahmad. I saw your comment and i am also searching for two of my relatives named Iqrar Hussain and Mujtaba Hussain. If you have any thing about to tell, please contact me on my email…..Please……..!

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