Australia Says Refugee Boat That Left Indonesia Is Missing

August 17, 2012

Great fears are held for 67 people, presumed to be asylum seekers, on board a boat that has been missing since it left Indonesia more than a month ago and may have sunk, Australian authorities said on Tuesday.

The boat is the latest in a string of vessels to attempt the dangerous crossing to Australia’s northwest and news that it was missing came as Australia’s parliament considers new laws to deter boats carrying asylum seekers arriving illegally.

The boat left Indonesia in late June or early July but has not been detected since, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare told  Australian television.

“There is no evidence that those people have arrived in Australia,” Clare said, adding Australia held “very great fears” for those missing.

Since 2001, almost 1,000 people have died at sea while attempting to reach Australia on overcrowded and often unseaworthy refugee boats from Indonesia.

In a turnaround for her administration on Monday, Prime Minister Julia Gillard moved to re-open refugee detention centers on the Pacific islands nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea to deter such arrivals.


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2 responses to “Australia Says Refugee Boat That Left Indonesia Is Missing

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  2. Alex

    From a long time and we wait for them my best friend because in this boat came at night and let me and said did not know that I arrived or not

    I talked to him after 10 hours of leave jakarta
    And he told me everything is fine
    But we did not know what happened to him I hope anyone heard from them something I hope News
    With sincere thanks and appreciation

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