Refugees’ artwork tours WA

July 31, 2012

Image source: Google


An exhibition of artwork by young refugees and migrants living in Perth will be displayed across regional Western Australia.

The Restoring Hope Art Exhibition includes visual and audio art and a music video inspired by the experience of relocating to Western Australia.

The first regional stop on the tour is Katanning this Thursday – a town largely built on a multicultural community.

Stuart Reid from the Department for Communities says art can help people to understand and accept those from different backgrounds.

“It’s also about understanding the richness of experience that these young people are bringing with them and the value that that brings to our society, to our community,” he said.

“It’s a richness and diversity that really adds to the fabric of life here in Western Australia.”

Mr Reid says art is a means of expression that others can easily relate to.

“If someone is speaking with an accent it can be difficult for them to get their message across,” he said.

“Finding people to listen to, who’s going to sit down and listen to young people in the street? They’re not but are they going to see an exhibition of art and have that speak to them? Yes they are.”



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