Ruthless torturing of asylum seekers continues in Indonesia by Indonesian Torturation (Police and Immigration) Authorities with impunity.

July 19, 2012

Tortured asylum seekers with severe injuries and broken legs, hands, and noses laft at the mercy of evil Indonesian guards

Tam HAS have received pictures of Hazara  Asylum Seekers who are being brutally tortured and beaten by the evil Guards in Tanjung Pinang detention center following their escape from notorious detention center.

According to our sources , on Tuesday morning 17th of July around 55-60 asylum seekers (majority the most persecuted minority ethnic Hazaras) dared to escape detention center in the dark at 3:00am not aware of the aftermath dire consequences. Later in the day, more than 20 had been caught and brought back to the center, where, they were being tortured and beaten almost to death. After hours of un-abated torture they are locked up in an isolated cell with severe wounds, broken legs and arms. Electricity has also been cut off and basic utilities have been denied to the particular group of tormented asylum seekers. Whereabouts of other 40 escapees is still unknown.

Among escapees are those who have been waiting for their claims to be processed for more than two,three years or more.  Despair, negligent of UNHCR, fear of torture, mental trauma & illness, anxiety and inhumane treatment leaves an asylum seeker with no option but to try to get out of this Hades, said one the detainees.We are hopeless, our life is as worse as hell, we have gone mad here, we are gradually dying here, so as our families in our homeland out of terror and persecution, message from another detainee, we received.

Most of the detainees held in Tanjungpinag DC are found to be genuine “refugees” but are ironically still locked up in the center.

Despite full awareness of the matter UN refugee agency have not visited the center and no comments have been made yet, let alone any action. UNHCR have been completely incompetent in taking action and preventing such atrocities against persecuted asylum seekers.

The Indonesian authorities have successfully concealed the issue by spreading the misleading and false information about the escape and brutal torture. The Jakarta Globe leading English newspaper quoted Yunus Junaid, the head of the Tanjungpinang immigration detention center’s false statement stating that asylum seekers were equipped with knives. People who have been to detention centers are totally aware that no fatal or sharp item is allowed inside the center.

The inhuman treatment of asylum seekers in Indonesia is one of those events which are never given coverage by the media. This makes it easier for the Indonesian Torturation (Police and Immigration) authorities to treat the innocent asylum seekers like animals in their farm.

A Hazara Asylum Seeker showing his severely wounded head trying hard to keep himself stand with one broken leg

The recent heart-wrenching photos of tortured asylum seekers once again seek attention of Human Rights Representatives, UNHCR and Australian Government and appeal them to exercise their humanitarian obligation.

Government of Australia and other concerned authorities should seriously consider fate of asylum seekers who are subject to torture and mental trauma on daily basis for committing no crime but escaping death and seeking asylum.

Last year another Hazara asylum seeker named Taqi was beaten to death by same authorities and to this dates no one is prosecuted, neither matter is raised by any Human Rights Organization with UNHCR or Indonesia.

Indeed It is a matter of Shame for every Human being.

Please Also Join Our Cause “Stop torturing Asylum Seekers in Indonesia”



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20 responses to “Ruthless torturing of asylum seekers continues in Indonesia by Indonesian Torturation (Police and Immigration) Authorities with impunity.

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  2. Hussain

    I had been there for 18 months when i realize i don’t believe how i have served 18 months in the Tanjungpinang Hell

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  4. ali

    Australia is giving money to UNHCR and indonesian Gov so they don’t care about law of international or human rights,bcz the got a lot of money from australian GOV,this is kind of media to show to us,hazara people have a lot problem in Afghanistan and Quetta pakistan they are killing by taliban in target killing in Quetta and Afghanistan every day that’s why they chosen this kind way to fine new and peace life for them but unfotunatly they face the sam condition and torture them as their own country…sham to human right….

  5. ali

    The UN,imgeration of indo and police are involved in this tragedy,this is not the first time that they r torturing them even many time the police of indo shoot them by gun and they died around 9 people it was around 2009 in kupang city,

  6. liqat ali

    i am in detention center of pontiank now. and last time it hepand here even on boy hes name was mohmmad taqi nequee he was killd by immigration of the same day i saw iom staf hes name john he came to the door and he was loughing at us . And the injerd boy hes name is ali abbas he is now in hospital he told me that whan we wear tortured by immigration there wear iom and unhcr staf perasand. They wear loughing at us. So i want sham on indonesian immigration and iom aldo unhcr .they are all the same they all are responssable for this crimes . They for take care of esylum seeker but unfotunetly killing esylum seeker.

  7. may GOD punish all those who r cruel n against hazara people

  8. dear friends.
    I am ali mohammad
    And i am rufugee. My case number is 186.c010.2055. in all camp of indonesia they realse rufgee but in thier they said its is not your right.
    pls friends tell to uncher. Come at surabaya imigration. Their is many people waiting for uncher pls friends anybody have phone number of uncher call him and tell about us. Anywhere u see tell him our problem thank u so much.

    • oh god may allah save u all bro its so deperessing hearing this things about our hazaras may god help i cant i m just a school girl yet i wish i could but inshallah soon someone will help just dont loose ur hope and sabar, sabar is what will give u what u want may god bless u all 😥

      • Nasima Allahyari

        Fatima sis jan i’m a school girl too and i’m in year 12 this year (2013) i can try to seek help for our people however i can.
        By hope we cant get anything we should try to get what we WANT, if we just wait and see what is going to happen we will not reach anywhere. I myself wanted to be a designer when i finish year 12 but, now that i have seen on TV and media that OUR Hazaras are being killed and having difficulty find their way I decided to be a social worker so INSHALLAH I can help our innoccent people i have still try my best to help people not ONLY hazaras but also people from other ethnics whoever needs help ALLAH has said to have hope but, how long DO they have to wait in the camps so the Government help them?

  9. Javara Nova

    The brutal Indonesian authorities act with impunity as they are the whores on the payroll of the xenophobic Australian government. They have an abysmal human rights record; proud to sit around giggling like school children as they inflict as much pain and suffering on these happless victims as possible. They don’t have the intelligence to get where these people have come from or too even give a damn. Would their wives ever want to sleep with them if they could see what they do for a living, and would their children still own them if they knew their father was a heartless, turturous pig?

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  11. the ones that are asylum seekers just keep ur passion and the ones out side of that help them hazaras now have no place. now hazaras r just in danger every where may allah save and bless our nation ameen

    • arif hussain

      ARIF HUSSAIN HAZARA ameen fatima sister.v r in trouble now adays but v wl not b afraid of thiz,v should b united n should continue our education,from going 2 australi our troubles wl not b finish,v should live here n get more n more education,by education v can take our rights, thanx

  12. Pol

    gee I hope we don’t end up with the whole Hazarra population here. We just don’t want them.

  13. dear friends.
    I am ali mohammad and i am become a refugee in 13 may of 2010. Now i am in surabaya their is many refugee. The imigration lose my refugee card. I tell to the uncher. Pls send my refugee card. one month ago i am still waiting for my card. 23 july 2012 is my interview of austrelia. How can i give my interview to austrelia. Because i am here in dention center. 4 month ago we 70 people in room. The imigration didn’t open the door.
    And also not open the water. Always they do something wrong with us. Example fighat with us off the light. They didn’t give us book news papaer pen or pencil holy qureen. They take us our milk bisket etc. Pls anybody in jakarta or in bogor. Maybe sometime they go to headoffice in jakarta. Tell about us we are hazara. Thanks for reading. Your beother’s hazara

  14. Bashir Ahmad

    Hello some one there,
    I am Bashir Ahmad from Pakistan, now in Dubai and i am searching for 2 of my Family members who were lost in deadly journey from Jakarta to Australia. Their name are Iqrar Hussain S/O Yaqoot Ali Parachinar and second is Mujtaba Hussain S/O Rajab Ali. The ship was drowned or may be something much more but we don’t know what’s happen more. But please, if someone know any thing, contact me on my email no which is
    And the ship was in indoneshia’s area and was on 31 august 2012.

    Thanks for your time……May God help you…………!

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