There is still hope despite the uncertainty of the politics | An open message by Carolyn Dominish

By Carolyn Dominish 

2012/06/29 at 12:33 am

Young asylum seekers at the Port Augusta Immigration Residential Housing complex. Picture: Alice Prokopec Source: AdelaideNow
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I have posted my opinion about the present argument the Government and the Opposition about the “solution” regarding the boats. I would value your opinion on my comments.
“Tonight my heart is heavy with grief. Grief for my wonderful friends and grief for Australian politicians who refuse to see what is so obvious and continue to make political mileage over the death of innocents. Personally, it is so frustrating to not be able to find my own solution to the problem of the deaths at sea of people who have every right to seek refuge in my land. Have they not suffered enough – my beautiful Hazara friends. JG thinks the solution is to send them to Malaysia for “processing”. That word “processing” reminds me of the Nazis and John Howard. These people are humans who have the same feelings, emotions and love of their families as we have. Senators were crying in the Senate today, but the PM and Opposition Leader refuse to be moved, just in case they lose their precious votes. The terrible thing for me and my conscience is that I have no solution either. I am totally opposed to mandatory detention and always have been. I am also totally opposed to people smugglers sucking the lifeblood of innocents, promising the vulnerable a better life according to how many dollars they are prepared to spend for the voyage. Not for the first time I am ashamed to be a so-called Australian. It is indeed a complex problem. Firstly, mandatory detention should be abolished altogether. What makes us think we have the right to imprison people who should be regarded as genuine asylum seekers? But that will not solve the dangers of a treacherous sea voyage. Australia has alienated itself from Indonesia. No way is it possible that they/we can parley with the Indonesians for a safer and more moral solution regarding these asylum seekers and the weeding out of the unscrupulous who are willing to make blood money from desperate people. But somehow I think that there has to be some kind of agreement that can be reached with the Indonesian authorities in order to rid those in such desperate need, of possible death at sea. Whatever I say or feel provides no solution to my friends. But believe me when I say that I have been a refugee advocate, supporter and crusader for the human rights of refugees for ten years. I am not congratulating myself, far from it. To me, who has no religion, it is just a matter of putting myself in their position. That will never change. I want my Hazara friends to know of the outrage of many in Australian society who condemn what the present government and opposition are guilty of. It is their guilt, nothing else. I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts how a Liberal government under the leadership of Malcolm Fraser, a most unlikely supporter of human rights, who allowed the last “boat people, the Vietnamese “carte blanche” in Australia. Not for the first time I ask myself, and so should you my fellow Australians, how are these asylum seekers any different to those Vietnamese? Is it a merely a matter of religion and fear of the unknown by Australians? This is certainly part of it. This is the frustrating part of it for me. If the present government and the Opposition had the guts to see these unfortunate people as just that, people, humans, and not fodder for the political mill we may actually get somewhere with integration. What to do? Suggestions always appreciated..”

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2 responses to “There is still hope despite the uncertainty of the politics | An open message by Carolyn Dominish

  1. Ss

    Its shocking how we can play with human lives, for the votes. I understand there are many Australians who would like to support refugees and specially the Hazara people because they have not only settled well here in Australia but are working hard for the future of this country too. I suggest everyone who are against boats arriving, to come and sit with one of these asylum seekers and listen to him/her, it will move you.

    Great piece Carolyn Dominish

  2. Thank you Ss. Bertrand Russell once said: “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”

    BERTRAND RUSSELL, A History of Western Philosophy

    He sums up Australia’s case so well, don’t you think?

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